Adult Lessons & Drills

Beginner Improver Levels 1.0-1.5

An active and dynamic introduction for starter adult players and recommended by the ITF as the best way to learn the game. Designed as a four-hour course over four weeks. Lessons are centred on the use of slower balls to ensure that players quickly learn the rules of tennis, and the basic techniques and tactics of tennis, in an active way.

Low-Intermediate  Levels 2.0-2.5

The Low intermediate Level 1 course is for players with more tennis experience. This course will primarily focus on technique and will help you to develop an understanding of the game and the four main strokes (serve, forehand, backhand and volley). The course provides support to help players develop their own style and learn about effective body movements for tennis. This level course may be taken more than once to establish a springboard to the next level .

Intermediate Levels 3.0-3.5

Intermediate Level courses are for players with a sound tennis background and for the ‘Rusty Rackets’ who have played tennis in the past and who want to get back up to speed. These players can play, sustain a rally, and score. The course will allow players to explore effective techniques and aim to develop confidence in playing points.

Advanced Levels 4.0-5.0

Advanced Level courses are for the more competent players with match play experience. These courses aim to develop the player’s tactical awareness, physical fitness and mental focus, using high impact training drills and match play.